Coronavirus Cleanup

The current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had far reaching impacts on all citizens, from businesses to residences. When a positive case has been confirmed immediate action must be taken in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Cape Fear Flooring and Restoration has developed a protocol specifically engineered to handle fast effective decontamination and sanitation of the COVID-19 virus in any affected space.

COVID-19 is new and still being studied by scientists at this stage. Early reports indicated surface contamination could last up to 3 days, further research has determined that the virus remains active in common conditions for an astounding 9 days! Vacating a premises to allow the virus to deactivate on age alone is not practical for homes or businesses. That is where we come in. Our technicians have been trained to properly, and safely decontaminate properties from many common disease containing materials, and this virus is no exception.

Our protocol has been designed to quickly restore the area and return the space to habitable standards so that you can return to your normal day to day activities with minimal disruption. Our extreme focus on detail will give you peace of mind that your property is safe and sanitized. We utilize strict PPE in accordance with OSHA and Hazmat guidelines to protect our technicians to limit any potential for cross contamination. We utilize a botanical hospital grade disinfectant proven to kill existing strands of coronavirus and other hard to kill viruses such as H1N1, SARS, and HIV. While proven effective this disinfectant is safe for human and animal exposure.

If you, an employee, or family member have tested positive for COVID-19 call Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration immediately to begin your decontamination procedure.


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No matter what condition your space is in, the team at Cape Fear Restorations can restore it to a safe, clean environment in no time. We respect your needs and your time, so we make it our goal to work fast while always taking your safety into consideration. When you choose Cape Fear, we’ll work hard to ensure that all chemical and biological waste has been removed 100% so you get back to using your space.

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At Cape Fear Restoration, our entire team knows how traumatic and chaotic life can be when your home or business is damaged by water, fire, or mold. During this time, you need a partner you can count on to help you put the pieces back together. We’re proud to do that every day for home and business owners throughout North Carolina, and we’re ready to help you next. Contact us today with any question or to get a free estimate.

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