Mold/Mildew Oder Removal
Inspection, Testing, Clean Up and Remediation

With Health & Safety in Mind

Note: To protect the health of our mold Fayetteville NC technicians, protective clothing and full-face respirators are usually worn.

Complete Removal of Contamination

After the moisture source has been eliminated and the mold growth has been removed., we recalculate your property to ensure that the remediation process was successful. Our goal is to leave your property free of any moldy smells or visible growth.

Cape Fear Restoration is a certified mold removal company that is authorized to inspect and test for mold in NC, as well as remediate mold, allergens, VOC's and other indoor contaminants for residential homes, commercial businesses and industrial structures.
Our mold removal services offer PROVEN methods for assisting people with allergies, asthma, and immune-suppressed systems, as well as chemotherapy patients, small children, and senior citizens.

First our experts determine the extent of the loss, the cause of the loss, and a cost estimate for mold removal. Once the estimate is accepted, work can begin quickly.

Second, our mold removal specialists construct barriers to prevent the spread of mold spores and mycelial fragments to unaffected areas. These contained areas are then placed under negative pressurization with HEPA filtration to remove spores that become airborne during the remediation process. Contents from affected areas are usually sealed and removed for cleaning.

The company inventories and records all property. Areas with heavy mold growth are cleaned, sanded, HEPA vacuumed or removed.

Safe and Effective! Guaranteed Results!